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Oh dear, oh my! I must aplogize for my rash language in the previous post. I hope you all will forgive me, considering what had just happened to me. Imagine the shock i felt when i saw that dirty picture of your truly and that scondrel popehead!

I hope you can forgive me.

Anyway, i hadn't updated in a while before i happened across the picture online. I have been very busy here in heaven. Mother's day came and went and my dear son jesus_thesavior got me some wonderful gifts. Frankensince and Murr, and a years supply of jello pudding snack packs! What a great son, everything he knows i love. And he got my the low fat kind, because he knows how i struggle with my weight. Oh, i almost forgot, he got my a great new bong, also. It is an impressive size. Really nice.

Anyway, so i have been keeping busy lately, I will try to update more often.
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