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I'm FAT!

I feel so fat. Everytime I try to lose weight I go a while without eating much then i get really hungry and eat like crazy! I can't help it, I don't know what else to try. I am sooooooo fat! You should see my library, I have so many books on dieting that it is crazy. Nothing works. For the love of God, who says he loves even though I am a little chubby (a little, i am a fat ass- aaaaaaarggghhhhhh), i need to lose weight, and it is so hard!
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its those holy mentral cycles i bet

you and i should work out sometime i got some great sweats and weights babe
I know that you're into all that holy stuff, but just try & lay off the donuts :P

Great song selection by the way..
oh & God doesn't like fatty fats, so be careful. I'd start doubling up on your Trim Spa.
Don't be sad, Mom! You're not fat! Think about it! Dad had all of the women in the whole world to choose from, and he chose you!!!

<3 U!
Thank you, Jesus! Your so kind to your sweet fat mom!