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Hello, everyone.

Hi, it is me, Mary, the Holy virgin mother of Jesus our christ and savior.

I was bored today and decided to start up a livejournal. Just spreading the word of Christ's mom.
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Hi Mom!!! I'm the first to comment!

<3 U!
Awwww, my son, I love you, too.

I am glad you are the first.
if im the second then do i get a holy place in heavan??!?!?!? please say yes....
Heaven, maybe- heavan, no way!
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners...
I always do...

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she knows what she did, the good lord found himself a fine "virgin" who was easy and BANG you got jesus.
I never slept with god until after i was dead.

I figured, hell, I already had his baby, why not?

And, HELLO, remember Joesph, i was married!

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You really need to read up on this. Yes, i was married, but God gave me the baby and I was still a virgin. Joesph understood because he was a good man.
Jesus was received, not conceived.

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I just love the fact that everyone else thinks they know what happened to me all those years ago. God gave me the fucking baby... That's what happened straight from the only person that could possibly know what happened, that's ME! Stop presuming and making things up, you jerks!